It’s a little strange heading being a quarter of the way done with senior year.

I knew that senior year would be different. I did not, however, anticipate riding a roller coaster of emotions while doing a million things at once.

I was right on being more calm and relaxed, while doing better at school. I believe I did well on my recent College Chemistry test, and College Writing is going well too. Calculus may not have the funnest material, but it’s worth taking just for the great people we have in our class. I am actually enjoying high school for the first time, and I am not used to it. In the past two years, I have faced one tough event that took a little while to recover from and one incident that shattered me emotionally and took almost a year to pick myself back up from. I am not an emotional mess, I am calm and confident, and get to do more social things than previous years. The truth is that it took one heck of a nasty year to bring me to this point, but it sure paid off.

Applying to colleges isn’t as tough as most people made it sound, but that is probably because writing essays is fun for me. Right now I am writing this article which I am not sharing with anybody currently – though I have no objection to anyone reading it and may share it in the future – just for fun. Writing college essays is a whole new writing adventure, and I love it.

However, I just got all of my paper work for something else sent in. I am not posting about this anywhere until it is absolutely certain, but I am applying to something that will allow me to live out my dream. There have been hints that I will be accepted to this program already, but I am not going to take anything for granted. Applying for this program took a ton of paperwork and coordination with people, but in the end, I got it all put together.

I know that after I graduate, I am going to spend a long time away from home, and most likely not come back. I have a big future ahead of me, and I don’t know exactly what it holds, but I know that I am suited for it.

I just have to be accepted first 🙂