“What country are you going to?” Now that I can tell people that I am officially accepted as a Rotary Youth Exchange student, this question has become normal, even among people who saw what I posted on Snapchat, Instagram, where I clearly explained that I would not know where I am going for about a month.

It’s a little less than a month.  Though that would have seemed like forever last year, this time it won’t. After Christmas break is done, it will be three school weeks, which have been flying by.

I didn’t have a say in where I was  going. From the people I have talked to, Wisconsin students didn’t get to rank their countries; only choose their top twelve. However, some one from the West coast got to rank her top five. Most students in MN or WI would get to choose their countries, but since I am going after I graduate, there are limits on which countries I can go to because of my age. My country selection was literally me checking with my parents which countries were okay to go to.

And the thing is, I am fine with that. One of my earliest ideas for choosing which country to go to was to randomly have someone draw out countries and rank them without me knowing. The concept of not having any say in where I am going excites me, and I’m not sure why. It’s a little funny how it actually worked out that way.

What I do know is that I could end up in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Peru, the Philippines, India (not listed as preferred but still an option), Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, or Sweden. People ask me a lot of the time what I would prefer, and though I guess there are two countries in particular I would prefer, I would be happy going to any of these places. In the end, what I prefer doesn’t really make a difference, because I don’t have a say and I have no problem going to any of my options.

It is a while until I find out, though. And I am find with that. This is a process, and it’s probably going to be the best feeling in the world when I find out my country. I really don’t mind waiting at all.

Now for colleges, I confess to being a little more impatient. I can handle it, but still, four months is a whole lot longer than one month. However, I wouldn’t mind waiting a year if meant that I got into somewhere that I really wanted to go, so I guess that I can handle this.

For now, I wait. I am quite excited to attend my Rotary meeting tomorrow. My club has such friendly and caring members, and they have done so much for me already. I  will make travel plans, work my butt off in school at the end of the semester, and wait some more. I can handle this.