I knew that the NHS trip was going to be a blast. We had eighteen seniors from our NHS class go on the trip, two days and one night, and the whole Twin Cities area to explore.

Now this would have been an ordinary trip, but my senior class is something special in the school. The academics are ridiculously competitive – I had a 3.9 unweighted at the end of the year, and I kid you not, I was ranked 6th in class of 78. However, it’s not just academics. The seniors have lead our two major sports, dance and wrestling, to taking a state championship (jazz) and two runner up titles (high kick and wrestling). The other activities have been flourishing as well, and the main reason is probably because of the leadership that has been brought. Not only is my class smart and competitive, but they are really nice, and we have never had any major drama issues.

So we had a really nice group of people go on the whole trip with. It started off at the Waterpark of America, which was a blast. The group watersides were scream worthy, despite the long wait. I tried body boarding, and that didn’t go to well, but it was definitely and adventure. Some of my classmates were able to actually surf for a little bit, which was pretty fun to watch!

After the waterpark, we were definitely wiped out. However, the day was far from over. We headed over to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and my friend Dorothy and I wandered around the different geography areas they had. I only saw two Danish pieces of art there, which was a little disappointing, but I have no doubt that I will see more when I am actually in Denmark!


The night still wasn’t over yet. After eating a ton of pizza, we all headed to the guys’ room to play video games. It started out with just Guitar Hero, but then the guys had the brilliant idea of unbolting the TV from our room and bringing it in to play Smashbros. One of the guys actually did have a screwdriver, so that ended up working out pretty well – though I don’t know if the hotel would have approved – and kept everyone in the room fairly entertained.

At this point, I was dead beat tired to the point where I didn’t even notice people leaving the room. We all eventually congregated at the hot tub, where they started playing “Pterodactyl”. The rules weren’t quite fully explained to me, so I was out before it was even my turn, but it was extremely entertaining just watching.

After once intense round of Pterodactyl, we all went around and shared what our plans were after high school, and then our favorite color, food, and high school or elementary memory. This was really cool, because no teacher organized it or anything. We just really wanted to know what we were doing after we leave, and hear some great memories.

As far as my plans after high school, I know I am going to Denmark. I know that I will most likely be running D3 cross country and track, and majoring in International Relations or English. I have wanted to International Relations for a long time, but that is up in the air, as I have been noticing just how much writing is a part of me now. I am literally putting off Chemistry by writing this for fun. I don’t know my major, but I have even less of an idea with my future college. So far I have gotten one decision back, but I really don’t know about the others. So I don’t know where I am going to college quite yet, but I am more than a little eager to find out.

It’s really hard to pick just one memory, but I have to go with all the good times I have had in calculus. I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a class again where sarcastic comments are snuck in-between talking points in the lesson, where the guys burst out singing songs randomly, and people actually appreciate my hard-to-understand sarcasm. I could go on about this – and plan to dedicate an entire article to do so – but I know I will never experience such a special class again.

After we graduate, we’re not going to be able to spend time with each other like this ever again. NHS students are so inclusive, and we’re so supportive of each other that it made this trip a really unique experience. Ten years from now, we might not see much of each other, but we will still care and do really well in our careers of choice. I am really excited to see what the Class of 2016 from Frazee High School will achieve, and am proud to be part of such a kind and accomplished class.

I honestly was impressed with how early we got to bed. The boys stayed up until like 1:30, but my room of girls stayed up the latest otherwise, and I think it was a little after 11 we went back to our room. Honestly, this trip had the most relaxed rules I have experienced with all the youth camps, trips, and conferences I have been to. There didn’t need to be any strict rules, though, because no one did anything bad.

The next morning, we weren’t completely awake, but that didn’t stop us from heading over to help with Feed My Starving Children to pack meals. The whole thing was really well organized, and the group I ended up working with was pretty organized. I don’t know how the other groups did, but I do know that we got a really good rhythm going and got a lot done. The session we were in packed enough to feed 31 children for a year. I think that out of all of the volunteer projects I’ve done, Feed My Starving Children with the NHS group has to be one of my favorites.

We were all silent on the bus, due to lack of sleep and the energy we just put into packing meals, but it wasn’t over quite yet. The Mall of America was up next. Since we live in Minnesota, the Mall of America isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s always fun. We searched around for summer clothes, and ended up finding this really nice store – CottonOn I think? – and the girls I was and with and I ended up spending more than we anticipated. The trip was over before we knew it, but we all found what we wanted in the end.

Soon we were headed back to Frazee. I don’t think any of us wanted such a fun trip to end, but that’s just how life works. We have so many great moments senior year, and they go by so incredibly fast, just like this trip. It was really nice for us to be able to have that small trip together, before the rest of senior year slips by.