It has been two weeks since I have graduated from high school, and I just finished up with my track season. When I was talking with one of my Calculus friends at the sections track meet, he mentioned “All good things have to come to an end.” Calculus may have been the highlight of my senior year, but as my senior year ended, so did it.

My senior year was one to remember. I was done with the emotional mess of last year (though it still haunted me), was closer to Megan than ever before, and finally got to chase my dream of becoming an exchange student.

Here are some of the best hits:

Megan and I ran Make the Lake together, and I ran faster than I ever knew that I could. Though it took a lot of persuasion (by that, I mean yelling at her while treading water for three minutes, refusing to get out until she jumped in), she eventually jumped off of Long Bridge. To this day, we both see it as the best part of the whole cross country season.

We went to Milaca Mega Meet, and faced the ridiculous t-shirt lines. Staying in a hotel was fun, though I did scare Ellie by not responding for two minutes when she asked me to check the alarm (I was listening to music). Megan and I made friends with a wrestler that had gone against our team during the insanely long porta-potty line, and another girl that we met during the t-shirt line and later the port-potty line. The running was painful since I had a cut on my heel, but the experience was one large enough to remember.

My homecoming was unconventionally a blast. I had the SAT the next day, so I couldn’t go to the dance. However, I got to take pictures during the football game. Our team did not me to take pictures on their side, so I got to take pictures among the other teams’ football players. Since I was wearing my letter jacket, they could see my name, and started talking to me. It was a great time, and at the end, one of the football players game me a hug. It’s safe to say that I’ll never have a moment like that in sports photography again.

I went on a college visit to Macalester College, and quickly fell in love. I was amazed by the connections, global emphasis, and overall uniqueness of the student body. I left with intentions to apply, and apply and get accepted I did. During my college visit, I ate a huge amount of ice cream, saw a track meet, went to a Bible study, and had lots of fun attending information sessions and a class.

My College Chemistry class was incredible, and once we had quite the study date at Caribou. Nearly everyone showed up, and we all did well on the test. Overall, my chemistry class was super supportive, and I am so glad to have gone through advanced science courses with that particular group of students.

I could write a whole blog post on my Calculus class – and did, check out my newspaper column for more – but they were truly the best part of my year. To sum it up, we spent a lot of the time being incredibly sarcastic, making horrible puns, and playing farkle. We squeezed this in-between difficult math, and still learned a lot. The chemistry (or should I say calculus, since it was calculus class?) between our class was extremely strong, and I have no doubt in my mind that the worst part about graduating is not having calculus. (Also I am aware that that chemistry/calculus pun is lame, but that is what most of the puns I made were like)

I applied to become an exchange student. I got selected, and found out that I was going to Denmark. Just a few days ago, I found out my host family, and couldn’t be more excited. I would go more in-depth but I already have with my other columns. Already I am blown away by the support of the Rotary community, and I cannot wait to begin this adventure that I have been dreaming of for four years.

Skiing became a regular activity, mainly cross country. I did go downhill skiing once on New Years’ Eve with Megan, which was a blast! However, much of my winter was spent on the ski trails of little Frazee, MN, and I fell in love with cross country skiing.

Tamarack and I competed at a skijoring competition in Minneapolis, and it was nothing short of a blast. I also jumped into a freezing lake in February with two South Americans. See my other blog posts for more.

The State Wrestling tournament went so much better than yesterday for our team, and I got to witness it all in the front row with the help of a media pass. I did write a whole article on it, but I’ll sum it up here. Our team lost 24-26 in the State finals to a team that they had perviously lost 42-15 against, after majorly upsetting a team that had beat them before. The boys amazed us all, and it was quite the experience sitting at the base of it all, hearing the crowd roar. I also got to know the head wrestling coach throughout the year, who is one of the wisest people I have ever met. No matter what direction I will take with my career, experiencing that helped me realize just how much I love journalism and capturing emotions, as I was able to do with my column and the pictures.

Track this year was a little bittersweet, but I will cover that in another blog post. To sum it up: I fainted for a second while running the 4×800 at true team state, I was .35 seconds from breaking 13 in the 3200, and made some amazing memories with my teammates. I finished the season strong and happy with myself, which was what I wanted.

This year I actually had a good prom experience. After an interesting time last year (we’ll leave it at that), I ended up with a nice prom date, and my friends and I had a wonderful time. Also, my promprosal included bananas, so that’s pretty cool!

. . . and then it all came to an end. I gave a speech at graduation similar to my Rotary one, and the best part was that my fellow gold honor grads had amazing speeches that got everyone emotional. I am so proud of what our class has accomplished, and excited to see what they will do in the future.

All good things have to come to an end. However, I believe that even better things await.