Det er tid igen, mine venner. Jeg kan ikke stoppe skrivning. Hvorfor? Jeg kan rigtig god lide writing, det er alt.

To my American readers, don’t fear, this will be in English. I am not good enough to write in Danish yet. That will come with time, as well as my continued decrease in my English abilities. It is to the point where writing is tougher than normal, but as I just said, that won’t stop me.

So how does one describe what it is like to go to school in another country? I don’t know if I have the words to describe this, but I will try.

My first day was one of the most overwhelming and happiest days I have ever have. I left Danish class with the exchange students, and nothing has been the same since. In math, I found out that I have another great math teacher, and was introduced to all of my classmates. Everything was in Danish, and I tried my best to speak the little Danish I knew. I actually understood how to do some of the math we were doing, and that made me very glad to be in the track with the most math, chemistry, and biology.

I then continued to go to Danish, and then Spanish. I haven’t taken Spanish in two years, and I am pretty sure that I learned more Danish in the six months that I studied it than Spanish that I learned in high school. Trying to learn Spanish soon became a nightmare, as I knew a bit more Danish than I did Spanish, and my brains wants to automatically translate everything into Danish. I left Spanish with a large headache, but was happy about the day went.

It’s really, really stressful meeting everyone and learning everything about Danish school at once. The first day was so overwhelming I am pretty sure I could only remember around four of my classmates’ names at the end. It feel so different biking to the bus station every day instead of simply hopping in a car to go to school. For me, not knowing exactly what is going on in school the whole time is something that I am still going to have to get used to. It is so stressful that I find it hard to eat during school, because I am undergoing such a different, new experience.

However, the stress doesn’t consume me. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by my wonderful class. My class is so willing to help me out, to listen to my attempts at speaking Danish, to explain to me what is going on. Their patience and kindness continues to amaze me, as well as their knowledge of American politics, which surpasses most American teenagers. For the record, I have not been asked to say “Rødgrød med fløde” once by them, but instead asked a lot about politics. This is fine by me, as I really enjoy discussing politics with people from other countries who are well educated on what is happening in the world. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such intelligent, caring people during school, and for that reason I am happier than I am stressed.

I may be happy, but the stress does have its consequences, and that comes in the form of what I call “exchange student tired”. I believe it deserves its own class of tiredness, because I have never felt that tired after just a regular day. It’s like my brain has turned into a mush that can barely function, and all I can do is write (very poorly, not for my blog). Somedays I am more tired than others, but no matter what, being an exchange student is truly exhausting.

As exhausted as I feel, hardly anything I have done in my life feels so right. I know I can handle every new cultural difference that is to arrive, and that the hardest is yet to come. When I signed up for exchange, though, I didn’t ask for an easy year, but a challenging years that would be rewarding. The challenge is what makes it so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what it will bring next.

To my friends in the US about to go off to college, I wish the best to you. Adapting to a new schedule is challenging, but you are all capable, and I promise that being away from home isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. Good luck as Dragons, Bison, and all the other mascots you represent. I am excited to see you all grow and thrive in college!

This is the first of two blog posts of this week. I have yet to write about what I have done outside of school, but that is for another blog post. So expect something at the end of the week, as well as something in the DL Tribune next week.

Det er alt for nu, jeg vil skrive mere senere. Tak for støtten. 🙂