Hej venner! Jeg er tilbage fra introcamp nu, meget træt men ikke syg nu. Jeg vil skrive om introcamp senere, her er min blog om Høtte nu.

As many of you may have read, I spent Friday morning taking the wrong bus and having an adventure. Despite that excitement, this week had other events take place, even if they were a tad less stressful. This week, the town festival – Vojens Høtte – took place in my small town here in Denmark. I got to experience quite the different 10k and have a lot of fun participating in a parade in Denmark.

It was back in June I believe that I first heard about a half marathon in Vojens, and I said I would do it. However, I have been nothing short of exhausted, so I took the option to do a 10k instead. My wonderful classmate Lærke decided to do it as well, so despite feeling dead tired, we went to go run.

When we go there, I got surprised by most of my second host family! Four of them had come to cheer me on, which was really nice because 10ks are not the type of events that people usually go to watch. I ended up talking with them so much that I forgot to do my typical warm up in time.

This, however, proved to not be a problem. This race had a special dance type warm up to the songs “Timber” and “Love Yourself”. I have been in many, many races, but never have I followed the dance moves of someone to warm up as part of the event. This was definitely a new experience for me, and one that I look fondly upon.

We then took off, winding around the trails of Vojens, running faster towards the end. My main goal for running this year is to fall in love with it again, and as Lærke and I went through the town, it felt like I was. Lærke is pretty fast, so at the end we ended up speeding up a lot, and we finished tired but with a decent time. The funnest part may have been hearing my second host family cheer me on and chant the “Holly call” at the end.


After consuming a lot of apples, Lærke and I headed home tired and happy. Høtte was not over yet, and I had more to experience the next day.

Thursday was a day where I was most definitely tired, but I made it through and even went to coffee with all of my siblings in my second host family. This is a more impressive feat than it sounds to be as I have a total of five siblings in my second host family who have a wide variety of schedules. After coffee, we headed to their house, where I promptly fell asleep during a Swedish baking slow. This picture is the most accurate representation of my exchange year yet.


So not long after my little nap, I headed over to where all of the organizations started their march. Sara, my host sister, was kind enough to make it so that I could be a part of the parade with her job by wearing a shirt that declared me a swim instructor. She said it wasn’t as fancy as the parades in the US, but I personally found it much more exciting.

Instead of huge floats, organizations walk and dress up in really cool outfits. There is a prize for the best costumes, which resulted in people dressing up as trolls, grapes, a badminton, and even some ladies as Prince (Minnesota represent!). Children lined the streets, so so excited for the candy that was to be thrown. I have been to many parades in the US, but I haven’t been to any as exciting as that one.


As far as exchange student emotions, they did kind of hit me harder that week. I was still happy of course, just a bit overwhelmed and beginning to see some of the deeper differences. I am sure to experience much more of that soon. So far I still haven’t felt homesick, which I am grateful for. I love and care about my friends and family at home, but my life here is so exciting, and I feel like this path is truly the right one for me.

Jeg er altid glad og træt, og meget spænde. Jeg ved ikke om hvorfor jeg er så heldig. En anden blog vil komme snart, mine venner.