En udvekslingsstudent fortsætter hvor hun er syg det meste af tiden.  Denne gang tog udvekslingstudenten  på sprog camp. Jeg var syg, men det var stadig sjovt.

This week turned out to be quite interesting. Besides getting the label of a literal cough drop, I also got to see Aarhus, learn a little Danish, and make some great friends.

I woke up Saturday morning not feeling so great, but with the great task of figuring out how to use the train system in Denmark. Now my Danish friends, I know that taking the trains is as natural to you as your love of rugbrød and salt lakrids, but I have never taken the train before (excluding the Chicago train with my dad figuring out everything). I have no public transportation experience, and we only had our ticket, which was in a language that we barely understand.

Now this would have been easier, but I received some rather emotional news on the train, and on top of that our train arrived to the station in Frederica at the same time our connecting train was supposed to leave. We thought that we had missed our train, and had absolutely no idea which platform the next one would be at. After stumbling around lost, by chance we happened to get to the train which we were supposed to be at. When we saw that the train that we were supposed to get on was late, we soon realized that we were near it, and after an intense 30 seconds of conversation with people on the train we got on. The rest of the train ride was fairly uneventful, but that didn’t mean that we didn’t have eventful week ahead.

It was really nice to see everyone, even if I was feeling gross. Exchange students are brought together by the fact that we are all experiencing the same, unique, crazy experience and it was great getting to see a few of the people I saw beforehand in Denmark itself.


Macalester College deferee represent in Denmark!

Despite the excitement, I was most definitely feeling gross. I was not feeling usual social self, but decided to make a sport of it by drinking as much tea as possible. On Monday, I had ten cups of day, and Shannon (fellow Mac deferee) declared me a literal cough drop. This was thanks to my friend Christine being kind enough to give me an entire bag of cough drops, which along with the tea saved me.

Above is a picture of my true self on Monday, as well as a picture with Christine and I together in a very delicate hammock.

It got more intense. On Tuesday I downed a total of fifteen cups, and I got the nickname “Halls” because of my name/brand of cough drops that I gave people. One guy now has my empty Halls bag to pin on his Rotary blazer, and I don’t think that I will ever be able to take back that reputation now.

On Wednesday, we all got to see the ARoS Aarhus museum with the Rainbow Panorama. It was a lot of fun, and I think that I will let the pictures just speak for themselves.

It was so much fun getting to explore the museum and rainbow panorama, as well as getting to go shopping afterwards in the city afterwards. I am really glad that Rotary gave us that opportunity!

As far as language lessons went, we had a really good teacher so they were fun. I already knew most of the stuff we learned, but there were some very important things that I needed to know that we were taught. I also had a class that was a lot of fun to be with, despite feeling gross most of the week.

Thursday I finally felt better, which was good because we had a dance later that night. The dance was definitely a fun, interesting experience. I have never felt like such a white dancer, as the South Americans and Asians might have put me to shame.

It was sad to leave everyone on Friday, but I honestly missed my host families and class, so it wasn’t to terrible to go home. I finished up the week with my first music festival with my second host sister Iben and her friends!


I haven’t been to a music festival in the US, so I can’t give a very accurate comparison. However, it was a lot of fun, and I recognized a total of two songs that were played by the Danish artists! It was a great way to relax after a week that was a new experience within a new country.

Til min mine udvekslingstudenter venner, tak for en fantastisk uge. Min klass, jeg savnet dig. Jeg er spænde for Fredag, det vil være en god tid. Til alle, tak for læsning!