En smule sent, men jeg har været optaget. Det er fint, jeg havde en god gang sidste uge med Stafet for Livet og Introfest. Jeg er stadig træt, men glad.

Last week was another fun week. I was feeling better after the previous week, and ended it with two very fun activities. However, I must first tell you about the food I had!

On Tuesday, I got the chance to help my host sister in my second family make chicken wild rice soup. I didn’t have access to the wild rice I brought from home, but we made do with the rice that was mostly white rice and a little bit wild rice. Chicken wild rice soup is a dish that holds a special place in my heart, and it was really nice to have a little taste of home in a foreign country.


The next day I headed to the library with Iben (second host sister) and her friend, Thora. It turns out that the library sells really cheap but delicious apple cake with whipped cream, and it was rather nice to eat it with the view that we had.


This week was really good food wise, but that wasn’t even the best part. The first major school party was on Friday, and it was definitely a great time with new experiences. School parties in Denmark are nothing like anything I have experienced in the US, but also a lot more fun. My class is a great bunch and there’s no way I’ll ever forget that night.

I spent the night with Danna, another exchange student from Colombia, and the next day we headed over to Stafet for Livet! Stafet for Livet is basically Relay for Life, which I never participated in the US but was very happy to be a part of. For those of you who are unfamiliar with either, Stafet for Livet is basically a festival to raise money for cancer research, honor cancer survivors, and remember those who died do to this horrible disease. For the Haderslev and Vojens Rotary Clubs, members would raise ten or twenty kroner for each lap around the lake walked, depending on the length of the lap walked.

This wasn’t just a small event, over 8,000 people attended, which is more than the population of Vojens (the town I am staying in). It was pretty incredible to see everyone coming together to raise money and awareness for such an important cause.

I also got to spend a lot of time with the other exchange students, as we stayed there for twelve hours straight. As the only American exchange student, I couldn’t hold join in with the Canadian flag holding, but I could be close to them – just like Minnesota is close to Canada!



As you can see, Haderslev is very beautiful place. At night, all of the paths were lined with the paper bag lanterns, and it was quite the sight to see. Later a bunch of lighted balloons were released into the sky. I ended out the night listening to a band with Sarah from Canada; we were both tired, and bonded over our interesting experiences so far. It was a fun time, but after twelve hours of being at Stafet for Livet we were ready to go home when it was time.

Now, you may wonder why I put in Calculus in the title. I figure that this blog is an appropriate place to write about why I am glad that I took Calculus my senior year of high school. As some of you may know, I had the most amazing Calculus class. We spent a lot of the time making really horrible jokes while completing nastily long derivative and anti-derivative problems. Though I probably won’t need Calculus to become a journalist, I am now very grateful that I learned it in high school.

It turns out that Calculus is the same in every language. Sure, my classmates have a computer program to help them do it, but it’s still the same concept. I have actually been understanding all of what has been going on in math class and it is absolutely wonderful. Not knowing what is going on all the time is really tiring, so it’s fun to know everything that is going on once in a while, even if it’s in a different language.

I’ve been up to more since this weekend, but that’s for another blog. I am plenty tired from doing so much, despite being better about getting to bed than in the US. There are even more adventures yet to come and I am so excited for them!

Min klass, tak for fredag. Jeg havde en rigtig god gang, tak for være så nyttig til mig. Jeg er spænde for den næste gang. Indtil næste uge, farvel mine venner. I er den bedste.