Det har været godt, mine venner. Jeg har lært mere dansk og jeg er spændt at forbedre det!   Denne sidste uge jeg har haft meget hygge.

After one heck of a crazy weekend, this week started off exciting and ended up with relaxing with lots of hygge along the way!

I had gotten the email that my district was doing bridge walking a while back, and I honestly had no clue what it was. It turns out that bridge walking is simply walking on a path on top of a bridge that is designed to have people walk on it. There are two places in the world you can do it; Middelfart, Denmark and Sydney, Australia. Ironically the people I walked next to while crossing the bridge were from Australia, and were aware of bridge walking before coming here.

Our bridge walking adventure started with putting on these glamourous gray suits so we would blend in with the bridge above and not distract the drivers. We then got to walk up a bunch of stairs to get to the top of the bridge, and then proceeded to walk the path on the side of the top of the bridge. This was not an activity for those afraid of heights, as we got pretty high up and the path were walking on was designed so that you could see through it.

However, even if you were afraid of heights, there is no way that you could deny that the view was spectacular. We also were lucky enough to get a day with weather that was perfect; we could see everything without a problem. I knew that I would be seeing a lot of Denmark when I found out that I was going on exchange here but I did not know that I would be seeing it from a bridge!


On Tuesday I hang out with my friends Benedikt and Sebastiano (another exchange student from Italy) and we played cards while they made throat noises for the sole purpose of annoying me. It was actually a really hygge time with great conversation and I look forward to more spending more time with them!

Wednesday was yet another fun day. It was my host grandmother’s birthday, so Sara (my host sister) and I headed down to her house after school to celebrate. Together we enjoyed hot chocolate, rolls, my grandmother’s wonderful cookies, and this cake that was filled with this very delicious cold cream.

The eating continued when we went to a very fancy, old Danish hotel restaurant. We got to eat delicious steak, vegetables, potatoes, and more potatoes as fried; all with béarnaise sauce. Bearnaise sauce is something that I highly appreciate about Denmark; it’s a really creamy sauce that basically makes everything taste good. I was in great company, with my host mother Bodil, Sara, and my host grandmother! It was quite a hygge time again.

The hygge continued out throughout onto Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Iben (second host sister), her friend Sophie, and I headed out to Bønnerup Strand in Northen Denmark to Sophie’s summer house! We spent most of the weekend relaxing, eating a lot of great food, napping, playing cards, and helping me read children’s books. This weekend was exactly what I needed to relax and refresh myself, and it was fun getting to know Iben and Sophie better!

Besides relaxing, we got to see the ocean! The last time I saw the ocean I was on the Oregon coast, and it’s crazy to think how much has changed since then. The water was still cold, but I still had a blast going all the way in such great company. We were amazed that we had gone swimming in September, and it was a bit cold, but I for two Octobers in a row I went swimming back in Minnesota. Swimming in cold water is always an adventure no matter the circumstances, however, and I am so glad that we did it!

I am really grateful for all the wonderful people in my life right now and hygge. Despite being exhausted all the time and everything being new, I have never been so happy in my life. I am so lucky to have such amazing host families and friends.

On a sadder note, my thoughts and prayers are with my state now with the terrorist attack. It was on Sunday morning when I happened upon a news article reporting on the stabbing attack in St. Cloud. I never imagined that would be reading about St. Cloud from the New York Times. I don’t know what the atmosphere is like in Minnnesota is now but I know that it must be different, and I hope the best for my home state.

Tak for læsning, mine venner! Jeg vil ikke stoppe skrivning meget, så jeg er glad at I stadig læser min blogs. Jeg vil skrive mere næste uge.