Jeg er så træt nu, men så glad. Det var en fantastisk weekend, lignende til mange dansker studenter. Jeg kun ikke striver tidligere fordi jeg havde så meget sjovt.

This week was another busy week, and I am definitely tired. I am exercising more again, went the District Conference, and got to go to Germany for the first time!

It was on Wednesday when I finally got to go to the gym again for the first time in a long time. I’ve been biking to stay in shape – and my legs have felt it – but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to go to in to the gym for a while. I finally have my gym membership, and got to go back to the gym!

I soon realized how much I missed going to the gym. In the US, I went to the gym two or three times every week, as well as run at least five time a week. Here it’s tough to coordinate my eating schedule with running as the constantly hungry, constantly taking up spontaneous plans exchange student. I have decided to go on a  lot more bike rides, because it’s a lot of fun biking around town and the time the last meal was eaten is not an important factor. I also am really excited to get my arm strength back, though I am happy that I have kept up on my workouts this whole time.

On Thursday I read children’s books with Benedikt at the local library, and though we were extremely out of place, and it was a lot of fun and work. Benni was very tough on my pronunciation, vocabulary, and spelling so it definitely helped me out a lot. I never imagined that reading children’s books would help so much, but it’s very nice to read something that is actually on my level!

Friday was definitely an interesting day. After school, I hung out with my friend Sarah, and we got some lækker chocolade og softis. We really had a great time, and it was great getting to know each other before the party on Saturday! I also had quite the night with the exchange students in town.

We got to wake up nice and early for the Rotary District 1461 Conference for the next day. This was a much different experience than my District Conference in Bismarck, ND. It only lasted a day instead of three. It was fun getting to see my exchange student friends again, and going through another flag ceremony. We also got to go bowling – strangely enough, like we did at the 5580 conference – which was nice!

My friends and I finished up the night at Laurel’s (other exchange student from US) birthday party and had a lot of fun. That was another night to remember.

Bodil and I finished off this week with a trip to Germany and some lækker flødeboller! I got the best tour possible as we drove through to the west coast (Jeg bor i østkysten); Bodil and I stopped several places along the way to the coffee shop with the best flødeboller ever. I am not joking when I say that they were the best flødeboller ever; I tried one regular and one raspberry one and oh my were they phenomenal. They go so good with kaffe, the sweetness balancing the bitterness of the coffee. I was also in such good company, min sød værtsmor!


We then saw a castle, a church and a barn turned culture center, and passed by the spot where two gold horns were found. Bodil did an excellent job of explaining the history of everything and I learned a lot despite my tired state. The church was so gorgeous, here are the pictures of the church!

After seeing all the sights, we got to go shopping in Germany. Many people in Southern Danmark go shopping in Germany because of the lower taxes, and there are stores set up especially for this purpose. They have large amounts of marzipan, nutella, candy, and so much more. Since they were out of Pikant ost (vegetable cream cheese), we bought pesto arugula ost instead, and I am definitely in love. I may miss eating cheese with everything, but pesto cream cheese makes it all worth it.

Jeg behøver at sove nu, jeg er meget træt. Jeg er så glad for den gode gange med mine venner her, lækker mad, og bare at være her i Danmark. Jeg vil skrive mere næste uge!