Det var en god uge, mine venner. Imidlertid, det var ikke særlig godt på sluttet. Jeg vil skrive mere senere, ikke spørgsmal nu tak. Første det er gang for hygge og sjovt.

This week was filled with lots of hygge and great times with friends. It ended with a trip to the beautiful island Strynø for a family reunion, again filled with lots of hygge.

I now am going every Monday to choir practice for the musical. This is definitely a new experience as the only music I really did in the US was with piano and french horn. My parents have really amazing voices and singing is a big part of their lives, but I have never been that way. However, exchange is a good place to try all sorts of new things, including singing in a choir. I do not always understand what is going on, but it is easy to follow along and sing, and my choir mates are always willing to help. The songs are also in English, so they aren’t too difficult!

After school on Tuesday I got to spend time with my friend Sarah, who I got to know really well at the birthday party the previous Saturday. We went to a cafe type place in a grocery store, where I had Oreos for the first time in Danmark. The main difference was that they had less frosting, which is not a big surprise. It was fun getting to talk more with Sarah and I am so grateful to have met her!

I only had one class on Monday, and so I spent a lot of it with Sarah again, as she didn’t have any classes either. At the end I met up with Benedikt again and we went to his house, where his mother made us these delicious German pancakes and he helped me read children’s books. It definitely was a very hygge time, but also a spicy time because he just got a new puppy named Chili (self admittedly horrible pun intended).

I confess I haven’t been too dog home sick, especially considering that my dogs were my siblings at home. This is in part to my very affectionate host kitties that act like dogs and getting to see other dogs. Chili is an Australian Shepard, in other words a ball of energy, feistiness, and cuteness. I could talk about how cute she was, instead I’ll just show you a picture in one of the seconds she wasn’t jumping on us. Quinni, a more mild mannered dachshund, is featured as as well. She is more about sitting on your lap than climbing and pulling on hair.


On Thursday, I got to meet up with my friend – and Danish class partner – Sebastiano, from Italy. When we got out of school, it was down pouring hard. We walked down to Cafe Kridt, while being annihilated by raindrops. When we got inside, we decided that it was a varme chocolade sort of day, despite it being National Coffee Day in the United States. We in no way regretted this decision, and this picture explains why. On National Hot Chocolate day we’ll be sure to get coffee.


After school on Friday, my host sister Sarah picked me up and we headed to Strynø, a tiny island south of Fyn, the island in-between the Jylland and Sjælland in Danmark. To clarify, Sjælland is the island that has Københaven on it, and I live in the Southern part of the Jylland (peninsula). After a few hours and an “American” hot dog that wasn’t American but was perfectly delicious (since when do American hot dogs have coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and bacon?), we ended up early at the place where we were to take our ferry from.

The ferry ride took approximately twenty-five minutes, and was very nice. I could see all sorts of different weather. As you can see here, one side was clear and pretty, and made for a very nice background in this candid shot I got of Sara. On the other side, however, typical Danish weather was demonstrated quite well. However, it was worth it because a a double rainbow soon appeared!

We soon discovered that we would be staying in a museum, and that the queen had been there not too long ago. I had been to my family reunion in the US two months ago, but this was a completely different experience.


On Saturday, we got to do lots of fun activities, such as kayaking, see a church going for a walk, and making bread on a stick over a fire! It also is truly beautiful over on Strynø. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. First, the church.

Now, everything else.

As you can see, Stryø er meget, meget smukke (is very, very beautiful). This weekend was a lot of fun, and the family members really went out of their way to make me feel included. I am so glad to be in such a great family! It was a very hygge time, and a great time to practice my Danish.

On Sunday morning, I got to make American cinnamon rolls,which thankfully were well received. It was kind of special for me because I got to make cinnamon rolls two months ago at my family reunion (with lots of help from my cousin). Danes typically do not eat very sweet things for breakfast so I was quite impressed when they actually ate them with the frosting I made for it.

It was sad to come home, but for a reason I that I will write about later, most likely in the newspaper. The full story will come, but for now just know that I am safe and alright.

Det er ikke særlig godt nu, men jeg vil være bare fint. Jeg håber at have en god uge, og jeg vil huske at jeg er en den bedste land.