Det er gang at skrive om sidste søndag. Det var ikke særlig godt, men det er fint nu. Denne var en ny oplevelse for mig.

For those of you who read my last blog, you know that I referenced an unfortunate event at the end. Since I have plenty to write about in my blog post that will most likely come out tomorrow, here is a separate post about what happened.

I had just had a very nice weekend on the island Strynø, which was a lot fun. I was still glad to be home, though, and I noticed that my room seemed awfully messy. Being in the tired state I was, I collapsed on my bed and ignored it. A few minutes later, Bodil told me, “Holly, there has been a robbery. Check to see if anything is missing.”

I have lived in a small town all of my life, and Frazee sixteen out of my eighteen years. Never in my life have I ever even heard of someone having their house broken into. I don’t know why that is, but robberies must not just be common in places where houses are really spread far apart.

Danmark is even safer than the United States, and as you might have read previously, I have literally took a ride with a stranger back to Vojens after I took the wrong bus. People here take care of each other and crime rates are much lower here than in the United States. This is all true, but apparently robberies are not that uncommon in Danmark, and especially in our neighborhood.

After Bodil told me to check, I automatically checked the drawer where I kept the American money that I was going to trade Sara (host sister). The cash was not there, though they left the change. It turns out that I had not left my room that messy; the robbers had emptied the drawers with belongings of my host sister, who is in college. The floor was strewn with all sorts of items, though they did not take anything from her. In my room, the money was the only thing taken.

The thieves could have stolen my American passport, social security number, or earrings that were literally sitting in an open case. They also could have stolen Sara’s laptop, but they only took a little money from her. The rest of the passports they left as well.

Sadly, they did not leave a decent amount of Bodil’s jewelry. They apparently did not know what they were stealing as they took some less valuable jewelry while leaving some more expensive jewelry. Bodil is the sweetest, most motherly, and caring person I have ever met, and is the last person who would have ever deserved this. The hardest part of this whole incident was seeing that happen to her.

When the police came, we found out a little bit more. The thieves literally used our own tools in our shed to break in, and tried multiple windows before succeeding on a small one.   They didn’t steal with the intention to permanently harm, though unfortunately they did steal some very sentimental jewelry. If they had stolen Sara’s laptop – which they did look at – they could have done some real harm. It would have been really horrific if they stole my Social Security number as well. This was definitely a different type of robbery than what would be expected in the United States.

Afterwards, I was a bit unsettled for a few days. It’s a bit strange looking through your drawers knowing that a thief was just looking through them. Monday was the only really hard day, but I felt a lot better after spending the entire evening lying next to Sara in her room. I am so glad to have Sara, and this horrible event turned out to be quite the bonding experience for us, because it turns out robberies are really hard to relate to unless you have experienced one yourself.

It didn’t take me too long to feel like myself again, because the people in this house are just too dear to me for this house not to feel like home. All is okay now, and I could not be more grateful  to be apart of such a wonderful family.

Sidste uge var en god uge, og jeg er fint nu. Jeg vil skrive om den i morgen, jeg tror. Jeg vil også skrive om læring dansk, so vi ses i morgen venner!