Jeg er tilbage mine venner! Det har været en fantastisk efterårsferie, og en god uge før. Jeg var i den Odense Zoo, Skagen, Aarhus, Legoland, og Fredericia. Det var en meget interessant uge, men fordi jeg er meget træt og travlt, jeg skal kun skrive om noget.

It’s been going wonderful, friends, and I have been super tired and busy. My fall break went something like this: travel, travel some more, be with friends and travel, meet up with friend, and party. It was quite hectic and a lot of fun. Since I did activities nonstop, I am only going to write about some of it so this blog will be more entertaining to read. This will consist of what I did on Wednesday and Thursday.

A week or two before, my host sister Iben and her friends decided it would be a good idea to Legoland. Obviously, I was pretty happy about that idea, and joined along. The United States has Disneyland (which I confess to never having been to), but Danmark has something better – Legoland!

Danmark is country where legos originate from, and as a child that spent more time playing with legos than watching Disney movies, you can probably guess that I was a bit excited to go to Legoland. It didn’t let me down.

There were structures everywhere that were made of legos, and they were made with such great detail and accuracy it was a bit scary. I got really excited when I saw the Skagen town, having been there the day before and seeing a structure that looked exactly like the restaurant I had eaten at on Sunday. There were also rides, which I explored with the encouragement of others later on in the day.

Now Legoland was stunning, but it was a lot more fun because of the people I was with. Together we learned to walk under one umbrella, as it was drizzling the whole day. There were a total of ten of us, and out of the ten of us there was three former exchange students to the US (one from Italy visiting), a former exchange student to Bolivia, a German living in Denmark, multiple people who attended German primary school, an exchange student from Canada, and an exchange student from the United States. It was definitely confusing because the languages constantly change from English, German, and Danish.

When we weren’t walking, we were going on rides. I had warmed up to the idea of going on scary rides by midday – and with Sarah from Canada’s encouragement – and did quite a few for me. They ranged from a canoe ride to a robotic arm programmable ride, and experiences involved witnessing Sarah (Canada) eating a whole tomato next to me before a ride started to getting splashed by water in the Viking ride. I was quite impressed by the fact that I did not scream like a scared puppy the whole time, but instead made the pictures taken during the rides quite entertaining for my friends.

We finished up Legoland soon after a 4D movie – and yes, they did use water – and headed home. My car decided to stop and get candy on the way home, and the other car decided to head home a completely different direction than us. Not long after we picked up the candy, we got this beautiful picture sent to us:


We then drove forty minutes to get to them and stand with them in the drizzling weather while the whole situation was figured out. This may sound not that fun, but it wasn’t terrible, as it was a great bonding experience. It is quite fun to huddle under an umbrella like penguins and tell embarrassing stories.

My wonderful host mother and father saved the day by coming to pick us all up. Not only that, Bodil had prepared an amazing meal for us all, which we appreciated even more after being temporarily stranded in cold weather. It was a lot of fun having everyone over and finally getting to meet my host cats, though some still have marks from attempting to pick up Rasmus with one hand (note: Rasmus is not exactly a small cat). It was a very hygge time and it was sad when most of the people had to go home. However, Theis and Sarah stayed over, so the hygge time did not stop until it was time to go to bed.

The next morning, we all walked to the bus and train station, and they headed home and I got on a train to Fredericia. My friend Cooper from Australia lives in Fredericia, which just happens to be a beautiful, historical city. He showed me all around the city, which is built like a fort due to its history. After eating kebab pizza in the city central, we walked around some more, this time in the city park. Fredericia has Danmark’s largest city park, and it did not disappoint. There were random ladders in along the trails, as well as interesting ways to get up hills. As you can see, it definitely was not a boring walk.

Afterwards, we ended up going to a coffee shop and talking for a really long time before I had to take the train back to Vojens. It was a really nice day and I am excited at the possible chance of going to Fredericia again before Cooper leaves.

The day ended with me going meeting up with all of my host moms and my little sisters in my third host family. I am incredibly lucky to have such great host families and am excited to get to know my second and third ones better!

I know it’s been a while, but I literally had no free time last week. I’ve been having such a great time and I could not be happier with how things are going right now.

Jeg vil skrive mere næste uge, efter en weekend i Holbæk. Det skal være interessant. Jeg forbedrer min dansk hver dag og det er fantastisk. Det er mere nemt at skrive og at snakke! Glæder mig for alle den spændende tinge at komme.