Jeg er på den anden side af verden, men jeg hører meget om min land. Det er meget interessent at være i Danmark nu.

I didn’t realize that being an exchange student during a presidential election year would be such a big deal, but it turns out it is, and has affected me in many ways. It is quite impressive how much Danes know about our election, and quite horrifying seeing the election situation itself.

I always heard that other countries pay much more attention to our elections than we pay to theirs, but I had no idea just how much they cared. It turns out that the result of the United States election will have a big impact on European countries, and Danes like to stay politically aware and involved, so they know quite a lot.

I also happen to be a very political person, and have voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries and the election (yes, you heard that right, in the primaries too). I read New York Times political articles for fun, or really any political articles that are written well and not full of lies. At this point I am highly leaning towards becoming a journalist that – you guessed it – writes about politics.

Danes are so interested in the election, and I love talking about politics. It the perfect situation to be in as an exchange student. I always have a topic, no matter what, when talking to new people.

It is also interesting seeing just how much they care about the election. On the bus last week, I overheard – and understood!! – a conversation about the election. The average Danish teenager is more educated on American politics than the average American teenager, and so political conversations are usually good.

Their political education level, in fact, is to the point where they have to research a lot about the candidates and present about them in English. My class and another English class recently did a presentation of the candidates session/debate. I know that in the US no high school language class would ever do an indepth research project on a country’s election and present it all in a language besides English, so this was very interesting to see.

My classmates did thorough, accurate portrayals of the candidates that I was very impressed with. I was supposed to act as the monitor for the debate at the end, but we ran out of time, though we might do it another time. It was really special getting to be part of that experience and I hope we can actually have the debate!

There is another aspect to being an American abroad, and that is watching a nightmarish election unfold. It’s hard having to explain to well educated Europeans why exactly there are people who really are voting for Trump. I have learned to explain conservative culture quite well, as well as talk about the white working class. It’s forced me to really understand my own culture even better than I would have otherwise.

Trump is an embarrassment to the United States. It’s horrifying that an unqualified, sexist, racist, homophobic, and unsafely temperamental man has made it to the Republican nominee position. Danes over here are terrified of a war if Trump is elected president, and I join them in that fear. Trump says that the media is drawing the public’s attention away from the real issues of the election by focusing on sexism and racism, but even if you take out the fact that Trump is sexist and racist, he is still a failure of a businessman who has no clue how to lead our country in foreign policy.

Even though Clinton will most likely be elected, it is still a stressful and disgusting event to take place. It’s entertaining for the world to see Donald Trump’s antics, but it’s a whole lot less funny when he is actually on the ballot that you send in (I did not color in his circle, I will mention).  It has been great talking about politics, but nothing will compare to the relief of Clinton winning (I hope).

Jeg er klar for tirsdag aften, venner. Glæder mig at være færdig med det alle. Imidlertid, I skal ikke være bange at snakke med mig om politik, fordi jeg elsker at snakke om det. Jeg håber Gud vil være med den USA og verden på tirsdag.