Det har været tre måned nu, så spændene! Min dansk er bedre nu, men jeg stadig behøver at forbedre meget. Jeg er syg som jeg skriver denne, men den har været godt. Jeg har den bedste mennsker in mit liv nu og er så glad for dem.

It’s now been three months in the happiest country in the world. This is supposed to be the toughest part of exchange, but even if is is the toughest part, I am still way happier than I ever was in Minnesota.

I would not consider myself homesick. I can say this with confidence as I am currently sick, and that is supposed to be the hardest part of being away from home. The past few week has been a bit tougher because of that, but a “rough” week in Denmark is much happier than a normal week back home.

I do miss a few things, mainly cheese being in almost every meal. I also miss having a dog to go on walks with, as I only have host kitties. Sometimes I want to go on a walk outside with a dog, but it turns out I cannot take Rasmus or Jersey on little cat leashes on walks. I cannot say that I miss American M&M’s or mac and cheese anymore thanks to the extremely generous package sent by my parents. I greatly miss Puffs’ tissues with my current sniffly state.

Besides being told that it would be tough at the three month point, I was also told that I would be able to understand a fair amount. This actually turned out to be true. When people talk, I can usually get an idea of what they are talking about. If I am familiar with the subject, I can understand it all. If I am unfamiliar with it, I usually can tell what it is, but I do not enough Danish to understand everything. It’s so satisfying being able to tell my Danish friends “Det forstår jeg” more and more.

Learning a language is definitely a tiring, tedious process. However, it’s also extremely satisfying. I am noticing that I go through a cycle where I alternate between feeling like I am getting nowhere, then a little bit where I realize that I am actually making significant progress. I am just finishing up on the feeling as I made progress part and starting to go into the feel like I am getting nowhere phase. Just to clarify, I know I am getting somewhere, it just feels like I am not sometimes.

Speaking Danish is still a challenge, and my pronunciation still needs a lot of work. However, I am much better off than I was a month ago, and usually can come up with a way to say something in Danish if it is not too hard.

I also should probably update you guys on some of the activities I have been up to! Not this past weekend, but the weekend before I was at a Rotary Exchange Meetup in Holbæk, which is in the middle of the Sjælland, the big island that has København (Copenhagen).

It was nothing short of absolutely crazy. Here are the pictures.

My Australian friend, Cooper, carved his first pumpkin with my assistance. He finds this tradition very strange, and it should be known that he is still a true Australian that loves coffee, vegemite, and finds Americans weird.


I played this game here, air balloon soccer, and actually scored the first goal despite being the only girl on the field!


Our sleeping conditions were a bit tight you could say. I now have fallen asleep in conditions I could not have previously.


We also did not get a lot of sleep. This lead to my Jared (from Canada) falling asleep in a very interesting place, before I got him a pillow. He has quite the talent for falling asleep in places that I thought were impossible.


Saturday night’s events started with a costume party (and ends with the whole shin sleeping incident). Here we have England’s babies, featured as a chimney sweeper, the Flash, and a cow.


Other than that, I have been doing a lot of fun things with my friends here in Denmark, and been witnessing the election chaos. I might write something about that later as tomorrow is the big night and there is a special event that I will go to, american candy bag in hand (thank you mom and dad!)

Tak for en fantastisk tre måned mine danske venner og udvekslingstudent venner. I er den bedste mennsker i verden. Jeg har aldrig været så glad, og glæder mig for den næste otte måned.