Mit liv efter den amerikanske valg har været interessent. Jeg er ikke så glad med min ny president. Det er en gang helt af frygt og usikkerhed. Imidlertid, jeg har fantastiske venner og har havde en god gang med musicalen!

I haven’t written anything on here for a little while, and I confess that has mainly to do with two things – the musical and the election of our new president.

I did not intend to stop giving weekly updates on here, but the election of the president in my home country has been of much greater concern. I have continued writing with the newspaper and about the election on here, but my ordinary life was pushed into the background. This election has affected me in ways I did not know it would, and I am extremely concerned about the state of my nation. However, I am learning to deal with it, and I just need my immune system to cooperate as well.

So, here I will write about the best way to deal with the election of Donald Trump, as an exchange student from the US that is highly interested in politics:

It’s important to hang out with your friends, especially the ones that understand you are a mess because of the election and will love you anyways. I was lucky enough that my friend Sarah from Canada was willing to deal with my mess of a self the day after I found out. She’s been helping me out with getting over this a lot, and even went out of her way to FaceTime me during her school break to make sure I was doing alright at home (let’s just say I needed her to check on me).

Cooper (from Australia) also came down from Fredericia two days after to see Haderslev and hang out! It was really nice getting to see him again, though it is sad because he is leaving Denmark pretty soon. We drank coffee again, and even got this cool picture of him with the sunset!



Realizing the world is heading in a dark direction is not fun at all, but I am surrounded by a bunch of wonderful people in my life and couldn’t be more lucky. They have helped me greatly through this time.

I have talked and wrote a lot about the election. For me, this helps a lot, because writing is sort of a therapy. I really have no choice about talking about the election a lot, as one out of every two times a boy my discovers my nationality “Grab her by the p****!” is brought up. (Yes, my friends, that is what the United States is associated with now. You cannot tell me that Donald Trump has given the world a positive impression of my country.) This leads to lots of thoughtful political discussions and me endlessly explaining how the United States managed to elect Donald Trump. I also have written a lot about it, as you can tell.

Soon you will see my response in the newspaper in my faith column for how to respond to the election, which is an article that I believe is worth reading no matter your religious beliefs. I was surprised by how many people read my blogs about before and after the election. I am hoping that I can somehow have a future with political writing, as I have discovered for me it is quite fulfilling and fun to provide perspective.

The third thing I have been doing is staying busy, which was not that hard with musical! Last week was performance week for the musical, so we spent a lot of time preparing for it, and also celebrating afterwards. I’ve never been in a choir before, so this was new for me, but also a lot of fun. I got to met a lot of really great people as well as sing a lot of great songs!

Our play was based off a Midsummer Night’s Dream, but in old Danish instead of old English. We sang modern songs in English, such as “Neutron Start Collision”, “I Want Y0u to Want Me,” and featured here, “Troublemaker”!

My fellow students at Haka are so talented and it was a lot fun working with them and getting to know them all! I am very blessed to have gotten to know them and am quite glad I joined musical.

With where my life will head next, I do not know. I am going to concentrate on opening the best opportunities for myself and having the best exchange year possible. I am excited to see what it brings next.

Jeg er så glad at være i Danmark og har den bedste værtsfamilier, venner, og klasse jeg kun har spurgte for. I er den bedste, og jeg vil forsætte at repræsentere min land, selvom det er ikke særlig godt nu. Jeg håber for en bedre fremtid.