Jeg har ikke skrev så meget på her fordi jeg har havde meget travlt. Det har været sjovt og svært. Jeg er stadig syg fordi jeg har stress og det er ikke særlig godt. Ingenting slemt, men ikke så sjovt. Imidlertid, det har været noget glad begivenheder.

I haven’t posted on here in a while and you might be wondering just exactly I have been up to. To answer that question, it has been a lot. I have moved host families, had an invasion from my Australian and American friends. On top of that I have been busy with normal every day social things and going to events in the area!

I switched second host families. Time flew by and I moved out of the house with Niels, Sara, Bodil, Rasmus, and Jersey. It was sure a wonderful time living with them and I could not have asked for a better first host family. There is much I miss about this beautiful, loving family already.

I now live with seven other people, including quadruplets. When I signed up for exchange I had never even heard of any people who were quadruplets, but now I live with them. I have four brothers and one sister, as well as my two parents!


Not featured: My host father who was taking the picture and my host sister who was working on homework. We went to a Dyrehaven – animal refuge!

I also got to experience Kaffeklub at my school! Denmark has a culture that focuses on having happy times with friends and family, and one of the things they have is Kaffeklub after school. There is free coffee and tea and you can buy æbleskiver, which are like balls of pancake and are amazing. If that wasn’t enough, afterwards we headed downtown, where an organization was putting on an event where you could make pancakes for free. Here is Sebastiano (Italy) and I making Danish pancakes (crepes)!

At the end of the week, England’s babies are reunited again. Jared (Canada) and Cooper (Australia) came down to visit! Jared came down on Friday evening and stayed til Saturday night, and Cooper came down on Saturday morning and left Sunday morning. It was really nice getting to see them in one place again, especially Jared lives much further away than Cooper in Denmark. We helped my host sister wrap her gifts, went to the beloved Cafe Kridt, and attempted to make American style pancakes with Sarah from USA. We also watched a lot of Netflix and discovered The Prince of Bel Air.

As far as how I have been doing with Danish, it is getting better but I am at that extremely frustrating point where I cannot communicate everything in Danish or understand everything. I can understand a fair amount, and communicate a lot of things, but I am not where I want to be yet. I know immersion works – and I am learning way faster than I would be in any language lesson – but that does not stop it from being exhausting.

Switching host families is the hardest thing I have done yet while I have been here and it shows. Having everything about your daily life change while you are in a foreign country isn’t what you would call easy. However, they are a very caring family and I am adapting. I am very glad to be living with them.

As far as the language, I am improving a lot, but it does not feel like it. Okay, as I write this I am stuck in a phase where it is that way, but I am at the point where I can have a mostly normal conversation in Danish with a little bit of guidance. I understand a lot more than I used to, but there is still some that I cannot understand, especially if the conversation is tough. I am working on it and improving every day, it just might be a bit before I see my improvement.

Næste gang jeg skal skrive om min præsentation i dansk med Laurel (den ændre amerikaner, hun er meget sød!) for skolen og min Rotary weekend i Odense denne lørdag og søndag. Jul er en spændene gang og det bringer mange nye ting.