Hej venner! Det har været en ny og interessent gang for mig, og jeg tænker meget om fremtiden. Imidlertid, det har stadig været sjovt og jeg har gjorde meget!

For a while, I have known that all of the exchange students of Haderslev Katedralskole would get to present their countries. I heard about it from the exchange student before me, saw it when creeping on the school’s Instagram page, and heard about it again when I got here.

After getting our assignment, Laurel (the other American) and I realized that we had a big task ahead of us. We come from opposite places in the US. While Laurel lives ten minutes from Apple headquarters in Silicon Valley, I five minutes from the world’s largest turkey statue. She went to an all-girls private school and has siblings, I went to a public school and have no siblings. However, the one thing that we did have in common was our working style, and the fact that we got into colleges that weren’t easy to get into. This made doing this project a lot of fun.

Our task was making a seven minute presentation in Danish and making as much of one American food as we could with 500 kr. First up was the presentation, which we got done with time to spare. We had a little bit about both California and Minnesota, and the rest of the presentation was about the US’s food, clothing, free time activities, transportation methods, school safety, party culture, and more.

Laurel was smart and came up with the idea of making Rice Krispie treats, which were essentially the perfect representation of American cuisine. After buying massive amounts of marshmallows and rice krispies, we headed over to her house and made enough rice krispie treats to fill her long table. It was all a lot of fun, but I have to give most of the credit to Laurel for this, as I was not feeling the best and served much better as the dog quieter (the person who pets the dogs so they don’t bark).


We did take a break to have some mac and cheese, which was especially fun to do with another American who appreciates mac and cheese. In the end, we got to appreciate our work, which was quite nice.


The next day, we gave a presentation in front of the school, along with the other exchange students. It was quite fun learning about others’ countries, and they all did a really good job! It was also was great to try everyone’s food from their country. We all got our little station to do so!


I also got to spend this past weekend in Odense for the Rotary Youth Exchange meet up! I have only been to Odense once before, and that was at another Rotary event. This time we got to see more of the city, starting with the Hans Christian Andersen museum! We got to learn about Hans Christian Andersen – the writer of all the fairy tales you know – and his life. We also got to see the place he was born which was very special!

After that, we got to see more of Odense. We got to check out the city center area and check out a cute hipster street. I haven’t seen much of big cities here yet, but it is safe to say that I adore Odense.

It was a fun weekend with the other exchange students, though it was quite sad to say goodbye to everyone at the end. I’ll leave you all with these pictures here from the Odense train station.

Det er juletid og jeg skal skrive om juletid næste gang. Juletid er en specielt gang i Danmark og glæder meg til den. Jeg er så glad at være here i Danmark; en land fuld af glæde og jul magik.