Min næste blog skal være om min dansk jul, så jeg synes det skal være sjovt at skrive om min jul i Minnesota. Det er for meget at have på en blog. Min Jul i Minnesota har anderledes mad, sne, og hunde!

Normally, my Christmas is a bit different than the typical Danish Christmas. For me, Christmas brings thoughts of snow, rushing to buy the perfect gifts from The Candy Store and Norby’s, Christmas themed drinks at La Barista, and watching Julie (my beloved old dog) walk around the Christmas tree for fun.  However, this year it will be full of hygge, brunkartoffler, and risalamande. While I couldn’t be at home with my parents, dogs, and cat in Minnesota, I will enjoyed the opportunity I have to experience a Danish Christmas.

Now every family has their own different traditions in the United States, but I feel as if my family’s traditions are a bit less typical because there are only three of us and we do not live nearby our relatives. However, we have a few of them that are dear to my heart.

I have thought of if my family makes Christmas cookies or not, and though it is not on the scale of other families, I miss my dad’s chocolate hazelnut cookies half dipped in melted chocolate chips. We always have my dad’s croissant cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, which might just be his best pastry after his cherry pie with almond crust. I am not entirely sure but I am pretty sure that we have a very nice Christmas eve supper with contents that I cannot quite remember.

However, we have traditions besides food, and they are pretty set in stone. For as long as I can remember, we have gotten a Christmas tree about as late as you can get one. It’s always a moderate sized tree that we cut from a Christmas tree farm in the local area. If that wasn’t strange enough, we keep it around until about New Year’s Eve, so my dad can have it for his birthday. As far as Christmas cards go, we hardly ever send them out before Christmas. It might not surprise you to know that we don’t pick our most of our gifts until it is close to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve or the day before, my dad and I always go on a ski that ends up with me having sore calves. We always go to the Christmas Eve service, which we highly enjoy. On the day of Christmas morning, we wake up, and open presents after eating breakfast. When we open presents, the dogs always get a rawhide bone to chew on so they don’t start playing with the presents or the wrapping. That part is fun, but it doesn’t compare to what happens next.

My family has a tradition of going to help out at “Christmas at Our House”, a program that our church has that provides a Christmas meal to anyone in the area who wants them. The meal consists of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, lefse with cinnamon and butter, and apple or pumpkin pie. People can come to the church to get it and eat with us, or we can deliver it to them.

My mom helps out in the kitchen if she isn’t working, but my dad and I get the pleasure of delivering meals. For the first two years, we delivered to the same place, which we grew kind of attached to. However, this past year, that changed and my dad and I got to deliver to some local nursing homes and a few other places!

It was particularly fun because my dad might have been influenced by me and wore some reindeer earmuffs. You can imagine how happy all the nursing home residents were to see them!


We finish the day up usually with a ski and spend the rest of the day relaxing. As weird as it is not to be at home this Christmas, it is very fitting to have a Danish Christmas. I’m very excited to experience it and write about it!

Jeg ønsker alle en glædelig jul og en godt nytår! Denne år jul skal være anderledes men glæder mig til det.