Hejsa venner! Jeg har lært at dansker kan rigtig lide at tage ferie. Det var bare ferie i december, og nu det var ferie igen! Jeg er ikke trist om det, fordi det var rigtig sjovt til at se mine udvekslingstudent venner igen og til at passe på hunde og have nogen hygge. Jeg også var på København, men den skal være i den næste blog.

Going on skiferie is pretty common to do, and while my friend was in Austria, there was a need for a dog sitter. One of my friends watched over the house for the whole week, and some of us came over to have some hygge and help him. I do miss my dogs at home a fair amount, so getting to spend time with Chilli and Quinni is quite comforting. It was a wonderful time, and I wish I had some quality pictures from it. However, dogs are not the most still photography subjects, and Chili (Australian Shepard older puppy) is not what you would call a still dog. She was much more interested in kissing the chili bottle than looking cute and being still for the camera.


The hygge of my ferie did not stop there. One of the beautiful things about living in Vojens is the ease for people to visit you, and I was very happy to meet my friends Jared from Canada and Mariel from Minnesota at the train station on Tuesday. Now, there is not a whole lot to see in Vojens, but we actually stayed in Vojens for their whole visit and had a great time. My first host mom was kind enough to host us for the period and let us eat an impressive amount of food.

One of my first ideas was to go on a walk around the nature area that we were near. This was a great idea, because the weather was clear and it was really pretty outside. We even got to see some swans. However, this great plan was cut into a short walk when Jared decided to test out the very thin ice. It was so thin that despite being careful, he managed to get cold feet. He was tough and said we could go longer, but Mariel and I agreed that it was best if we cut our walk short after seeing the swans.

After warming up, watching Napoleon Dynamite, and eating a lot of Bodil’s delicious pizza, we were ready to go to the hockey game. Honestly, going to a hockey game is the most exciting thing that you can do in Vojens, and we were not going to miss out on that. Vojens actually has the biggest ice hockey stadium in Denmark, as well as the biggest ice hockey fan club. I went to my first professional ice hockey game in January, but it was Mariel and Jared’s first time, and my first time in the standing section.

Going to hockey games is a really good way to experience the culture of Vojens. There is a lot of people who are passionate fans of the SønderjyskE, and are not afraid to show it with how they dress and act at games. The standing section has more people with costumes or jerseys than without, completed with a few huge flags and a drum section. They also have very loud cheers in songs that are in Danish of course.

I think that I learned a lot more about Vojens culture with the SønderjyskE losing in a tight game. People are extremely passionate, which shows in the constant cheering and sea of light blue, but also with the attitude they have after losing. Let’s just say that the Odense Bulldogs did not receive the nicest thank you for coming message at the end of the game.

The next day we had another Vojens experience. We went on a walk, and this time Jared did not test the ice out. Despite not having any plans, things worked out pretty well when I decided to go to talk to the doctor and Mariel and Jared decided the library would be a cool place to hang out during that. (For mine søde Haderslev venner, det er sandheden – Vojens faktisk har et dejlig bibliotek.) It turns out that the Vojens library is a pretty nice place for exchange students to read children’s books, varying from a story about a crocodile with a fear of princesses to a surprisingly difficult easy reader book about rowing.

We got back just in time to make a batch of chicken wild rice soup. Chicken wild rice soup is a dish that I now have made three times (one this past Monday, and the only time I haven’t been satisfied with the quality) and probably the most Minnesotan thing I can make. The night was completed with Mariel and I’s attempt to culture Jared by forcing him to watch Mean Girls. This was completed successfully, and it was a great way to end a great two days of hygge with some great exchange students.

The next day Jared and Mariel left for København, which I would do the day after. We met each other, but that is to be written about in my next blog.

(Here is one quality and two not-so-great quality quality pictures with my wonderful first host cat Jersey. Jersey now has two more admirers.)

Det var en fantastisk første del af min ferie, med meget hygge og kæledyr. Det er ikke så slemt at være væk fra mine kæledyr når jeg har dem og meget søde mennsker i mit liv. Snart der skal være nogen ny om den anden del af min ferie.