*continued from Ferie del To*

After seeing the spectacular Nyhavn, it was time to head over to La Glace to meet up with Mariel, Jared, and Jared’s host brother Christian. Mariel is a fellow Minnesotan exchange student, and lives in the København area. Jared is my Canadian friend who lives up in Vestjylland, who has been in my writing a fair amount.

La Glace has been around since 1870, and might just be the cutest cake cafe to exist. It’s right in the area of København where there was a lot of shops, and we were lucky enough to get a table fairly quickly. It wasn’t long before all of us got our cake, which was nothing short of amazing. It tasted even better than it looked, which is saying something. img_2829

Since Christian and Jared had to head back to the Herning area rather soon, so we had to part ways after a little bit. Soon after, Siri, Matilde, and I got to see a fair amount more of København.

Here is the Parliament building, and it is sort of possible to see the stock buildings a little bit in the bottom right picture. I couldn’t get the picture I wanted of them, but they were spectacular.

Our stop in the Nyhavn area again was well worth it for the pictures.

There’s a beautiful dock area that we went through. I’m not sure why this light thing was set up, but it was plenty fun to walk through it. There was also people in hot tubs and a fancy restaurant on the way.

Marmorkirken – Marmor Church – is right across the palace area. I didn’t get to see inside the palace, but I did get to see some soldiers, as someone from the royal family was home.

Matilde had to head home, and we parted our ways at Marmorkirken. When on our way to the Little Mermaid, we passed through a fort like area. I am not sure about the meaning or history behind it, but it did remind me a bit of Fredericia.


After walking a bit more, we arrived at the Lille Halfrue, otherwise known as the Little Mermaid. Nyhavn wasn’t that bad, but the Lille Halfrue was –  well here’s the picture I got. dscn0186

Okay, so that picture isn’t the best, but thankfully we got a few people to move and some kind people who I am assuming were Americans to help me and Siri get a decent picture.


After a very long gåtur (walk) around København, Siri and I were more than ready to go  home and relax. We ate a lots of food, had hygge, talked about Detroit Lakes, and finished off the rest of the existing fruit salad.

The next day, I had a Vegemite-free brunch with Siri before heading off to meet my friend Shannon, who lives close to København and was with two of her friends from boarding school. I got to know Shannon back at the Central States Rotary Convention in July, when I found out that both of us had deferred from Macalester (words to be said later about my current college plans).

After much wandering around, I found Shannon and the rest at the Espresso house near København H. The first thing I realized is that I talked slow English. Shannon’s friends talked extremely fast English, and after spending a lot of time with them, Shannon did too. Meanwhile, I could understand everything they said, but could not talk at that rate. As my Danish has been getting a lot better, my English has not faired so well. This is the first time I have really been able to see just how bad it is.

It was really nice getting to see a bit more around the city, including a stop by the trampolines. We made our way to PapirØen, which has a huge selection of food from different places. It’s a bit expensive and packed with people, but completely worth it. Shannon and her friends got some tacos and I got a burrito, which I would say I regret not getting a picture of, but I might have gotten the burrito grease somewhere else. This burrito was incredibly greasy, to the point where I had a part of my sweater heavily doused.


With a greasy sweater and a full stomach, we started to head back to København H to head home. I somehow managed to find my bus on time and without any trouble at all, which was somewhat of a miracle in the craziness of København. I sat next to a kind lady on the way back and had a very pleasant experience.

It was amazing to see so much of København in one weekend. It’s truly a stunning city, where most people have good intentions. It is a great contrast to Chicago, where my dad and I attracted homeless people asking for money at an astounding rate, and a stranger walking up behind me would have not kindly told me that my bootlaces needed tying. I only ran into one homeless person that asked for money.

As nice as København is, it is very expensive and I was happy to return to Vojens. It’s not København, but I have established a life that I love to come home to here. That is going to be harder to leave than anything else.

København er en meget flot by, og jeg var meget heldig at besøge det og se det med Siri. Rotary forbindelser er bedre end man kunne spørge for i nogensinde. Nu, jeg er tilbage i Vojens, men der er mange spændende ting her, som ikke er biblioteket (hvilke vi faktisk har, fordi nogle af mine danske venner har glemt det).