Hejsa allesamen, det er nu senere i mit udveksling år, og jeg har kun en værtsfamilie tilbage. Det er ok, fordi jeg har haft en fantastisk sy måned her, med mange eventyrer ligesom den en jeg havde i Blåvand.

It’s been a while since Sarah (Canada), Jared and I heard that we would be going to Blåvand for a weekend with Bodil, my first host mother. We were quite excited, but we didn’t know what this weekend held for us.

Our first adventure was in picking Jared up at the train station. We met him at the Varde train station, but he wasn’t there. We soon learned that the little town of Varde has not one, two, but three train stations. Jared had gotten off at Varde Nord, which we thankfully found.

We had a very nice evening; talking a lot and probably eating way too many licorice vingummi. Next morning, we got up and it was simply stunning outside. Soon we got outside to go on a walk in the beautiful sand dunes.

One of the features of this area is that it has a lot of World War 2 Bunkers. It’s actually really fun to go around and explore them, and there is a lot of history with it.

We had the great idea to up to the top of the WW2 bunker. The view was great up there, and we got a great picture on top of the massive block of cement. However, the next level to jump down was cement, which turned out to be just fine for Jared and Sarah. I was a bit freaked out of the cement – I have no problem with jumping off eighteen foot/six meter cliffs into water, but after seeing Sarah scrape her fingers and thinking about the cement, I wasn’t in a great jumping condition. I tend to just do things like that, so I did it, but I didn’t land well.

I tried to walk it off, but I just couldn’t. I got dizzy, and though it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, it was necessary for the dearest people in my Danish life to carry me through hills of Blåvand. We got back soon, and determined that I would be just fine, I just would be a bit limited in my motion. I was lucky to be with people that were willing to put up with that.

Sadly for us, Jared had to head back up north for an event the next day. On the way back, we stopped to see the horses. I’m sure that Sarah would have been really happy if they were actual horses, but these war bunker horses were still work the stop.

The next day, Sarah went on quite the run and brought lots of treasures back with her. By treasures, I mean dead things that I promptly told her to take out of the house, not dissect and save them like she actually did. We relaxed that afternoon, hyggede os, and had a relaxing evening watching the contest for Eurovision and a movie about a trip around Europe. It’s safe to say that Sarah and I are very close, especially after she has put up with me for an entire long weekend which I was injured for.

I was a bit more motionally functional on Sunday, and together we walked around Blåvand, maybe eating crepes (danske pandekager) with ice cream. We had a very nice ending, but eventually had to go home.

As far as other stuff I’ve been doing, there’s been a fair amount.

I’ve made chocolate chip cookies with Yuna (Japan), and had dinner and masse af hygge as well! Yuna is really fun, and we made the perfect American chocolate chip cookies. The next day, I brought them for my class at lunch, and watched them quickly disappear. I was surprised that my classmates appreciated my preference for chewy cookies, since Danish cookies are typically not chewy. They liked them so much that I hoping to have an American food night, because half a batch of cookies is not enough.


I went the monthly Sønderjysk KFS (Christian Youth Organization) meet up, which happened to be in Haderslev this month. It’s a lot of fun for me; the people here are really kind and it’s quite interesting to see how Christian youth are involved in Denmark. Denmark as a whole is not a religious country, so I feel very lucky to actually know a few people who go to KFS at the school.

I’ve moving from the Birk Jensens to the Skødts tomorrow, and I have been taking the proper food preparations. I made chicken wild rice soup not long ago, which went well despite Søren putting soy sauce in his portion. This last Sunday I made American pancakes, and that certainly was a success, as no one put ketchup or soy sauce on them and they were well liked! I had my last food making night on Monday, and made a hot dish (casserole for the rest of the US).

I’ve been packing the entire week, and though it is sad that this is my last family, I am excited to spend the last part of my exchange with the Skødts.

My house with the Birk Jensens – the sunset at Damparken the night of KFS – Sarah appreciating a goose in Damparken – my hot dish

Fire måned tilbage, og glæder mig til det hele. Jeg nu kan snakke så meget mere dansk, og det er rigtig sjov. Det er sjov at forstå hvad mans klassekammerater siger. Glæder mig at sige min dansk når jeg er færdig med mit udveksling. Og til min næste værtsfamilie, hvis I læser det, glæder mig meget til at flytte til jeres hus i morgen. I har bare været sød til mig, og jeg er spændt for min ny oplevelse med jer.