Hejsa venner! Jeg er tilbage, men hos en ny værtsfamilie. Jeg er stadig i Vojens, en by af knallerter, ishockey, og kunstnerisk skimmel i togstationen. Faktisk jer er rigtig glad at være her, og alle af min værtsfamilier er meget sød og hjælpsomme, og det er nogle vigtig ting ligesom en togstation og en bibliotek (Haderslev har ikke en togstation). Det er næsten min sidste flytingen i Danmark; ikke min sidste fordi jeg skal tilbage til min første værtsfamilie min sidste uge i Danmark (Skødts skal rejse til Island).

Exchange unfortunately does fly by really fast, and I have now moved in with my last host family. I’m still in Vojens, a small town outside of Haderslev. I have just now live a bit more further out in Vojens, closer to my first host family. I am now with the Skødts, who include my host mother Marie, host father Torben, Simon (18, Haka), Emilie (15, efterskole and exchange student to US next year), and Johanne (12, middle school).

I moved from the Birk Jensens, my second host family. It’s been quite the experience being an only child and living with quadruplets, and older brother, and four daycare kids. There, I learned (or at least attempted to learn) the language of how so many siblings communicate with each other. I have learned so much with them – from more Danish to making food to learning how to live in a big family – and I am very grateful for their help with it. Mange tak til Anne-Mette, Henning, Iben, Søren, Jesper, Lars, and Morten for a chance to live  with you all. I never thought that I would live with quadruplets – or witness someone eat soy sauce with chicken wild rice soup – but now I have done both, and it’s been an amazing experience. IMG_2970

Featured: Søren, Lars, Me, Jesper, Iben

I had a wonderful goodbye dinner with them on Thursday the 9th, and on Friday a hyggeligt afternoon. The weather was actually good for once, and I headed over to the Skødts. I was welcomed in, and before we knew it I was off to my first gymnastics meet.

We got to watch Emilie’s Efterskole perform their routine, which was very impressive. I also learned that “gymnastik” in Danish typically means both dance and gymnastics. That night we saw everything from intense tumbling to slower dancing. Emilie’s efterskole’s performance was really good, and was fun to see gymnastik in Denmark for the first time!

Since then, I’ve adjusted to going from living with five siblings/four daycare kids to two host siblings that are regularly in the house (though I do see Emilie on the weekends). The Skødts love politics, going to watch Johanne and Emilie perform gymnastik, and trying new food.

Moving to a new host family is always exhausting. It takes energy to adapt to another lifestyle of living. However, it hasn’t been too bad, because there is lots of delicious food here to help with my increased appetite. I have been more tired than usual, but this transition has not been to hard. It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the Birk Jensens, but it’s not too hard considering they are a bike ride away – I even got to stop by this Thursday to greet Anne-Mette on her birthday. I’m closer to my first host family, which will probably result in some highly important host kitty visits.

There’s been a decent amount of events that have happened since I have moved. Here is what else has been going on:

On Wednesday,  I couldn’t bike, but instead was driven into Haderslev and got to go on a little walk to school. It was extremely pretty.


The reason why I had to be driven to school was because I could not take the bike to the bus station, because I had a Rotary District meeting in Odense that I would get back very late from.

This was the meeting where we would meet our new inbounds from Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand. It was a very hyggeligt night, where we made dinner within small groups and have some time before and after to talk. Our dinner consisted of a whole chicken, boiled potatoes, granny salad, root vegetable crisps, cucumber salad, and for dessert the infamous rødgrød med fløde (red berries with creme). I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of the rødgrød med fløde, but here is the main meal we made.


It was a very nice evening, and I am hoping to see more of my exchange student friends soon, and I really am looking forward to Eurotour with them.

I got to make dinner again the next day, but this time it was for my host family. For my first madlavning aften (food making night) with the Skødts, I made American style burritos. I used lots of spices, and was grateful to learn that they really like to try new foods that have a lot of flavor.

This weekend I got to travel down to Rømø – a little island on the west coast of Denmark – to the Skødt’s sommerhus, after watching Johanne perform at gymnastics and meeting Marie’s parents over saft, chokolade, and kiks.


Marie, Torben, Johanne and I had a very hyggeligt evening, complete with a great movie and apparent monster under my bed as a new person (as Johanne explained to me).

It hasn’t been too bad moving at all, and I am looking forward to the adventures that I have coming up.

Tak til alle af mine værtsfamilier; jeg er så taknemlig for jer. Til Skødts, glæder mig til den næste tre og halv måned vi har sammen. Jeg lover at I skal høre meget mere interessent dansk, og måske ser mere med monsteret. 😉