Det var ikke så længe siden, at Jared spurgte mig, hvis om jeg ville at tage med til Legoland – med ham og andre udvekslingstudenter. Jeg havde alligevel planlagt at besøge ham, så det var nemt at sige ja. Jeg vidste ikke, hvad weekenden ellers ville bringe, men jeg blev ikke skuffet.

Soon, I will have two posts about what I did about Easter break. However, April had a lot going on before it began, with a weekend visiting Legoland and Jared (Canada) up in Vestjylland.

I have been to Legoland one time before this weekend with some friends, and it was really fun before. However, when Jared asked me if I wanted to go again for half price, I sure did not object. April 1st was opening day for Legoland in Billund, Denmark, and me and some other exchange students decided to meet up, the others for their first time.

Our group included me, a fellow Minnesotan named Liam, Chuckie from Philidelphia (also resident of Billund), Grace from Colorado, and Jared as the sole Canadian, coming from Calgary. Our first task together was making sure that everyone had their tickets, and after a wait, we were inside.

Now, I have already written about Legoland, which in a few words can be described as a place overflowing with masses of intricate lego structures. There is an area dedicated to all things polar, another to Vikings, one to North America and Native Americans, one to firefighting, one to the whole Ninja/Asia culture, and more. We got to witness Jared and Chuckie’s great love (or fear?) of roller coasters in the Polar ride, and our competitiveness was brought out in the firefighting competition, where Chuckie, Jared, and I took a modest second place to Grace and Liam. I excitedly took them on the Viking raft ride, where we didn’t actually get wet, but the fear of getting wet provided great entertainment. We cringed at the Native American theme, but marveled at the intricate details the canoe ride provided. Jared mentioned that it was just as bad for the Ninja section, which we enjoyed while critiquing.

Afterwards, we headed into Billund for a little tour by Chuckie, and got to experience the great pizza and hyggeligt little park. Our time together was very nice, though it was sad to depart. Tired but happy, Jared and I traveled to his home in Barde, a little town in-between Herning and Ringkøbing.

Going to Jared’s house was in a way a bit like visiting rural Minnesota, as his house is out the sticks and on a farm. It was refreshing having dogs in the house and being out in the country.  I got to know Jared’s family, which include three host brothers, and it turns out that that wasn’t too different from my experience with my second host family. Frederik was an exchange student in Thailand last year, Christian is going to Brazil next year, and Johannes is enjoying being a thirteen year old.

The next day the whole family and I went down to the Søby Brunkulsmuseum. In the 1940’s, a lignite mining place opened in Søby. It was a very dangerous place to work, but that brought along a unique culture. I haven’t been to a whole lot of museums in Denmark, but this one really cool to see, as it reminded me a bit of the logging culture that started Frazee.

(I don’t know how visible it is, but if you click on the middle top picture, you can see Johannes’s face as excitedly enjoys the feeling of running over Jared.)

Soon after, Jared, Frederik, Christian, and I headed to the Herning Svømmehal. I have been to one other svømmehal in Denmark, and that has been in Vojens. I was in a for a  treat, as the Herning Svømmehal is nothing short of spectacular.

There is a special area for those who wish to do flips and gymnastics tricks. This is great for Frederik and Christian, as they are very good at gymnastics. Jared isn’t that bad either. I soon became very aware that I might have not gotten over my fear of doing flips and things like that, and though I could not in any way keep up with the boys, it was still a lot of fun.

We also got to experience this room that was like a sauna, but full of steam. I was happy to watch on – but not participate with – the boys blowing hot air on each other. There was also a special place for having hot water feet baths, which was also new to me. It was a lot of fun getting to know Frederik and Christian while spending time with Jared and getting to see a Dansk Svømmehal.

After a really good dinner, I did have to head back to Vojens. I was quite tired, but a part of me knew that the craze of events had just started. I was correct, but that’s a tale for another blog.

Efter jeg ankom til Vojens, fandt jeg hurtigt ud af, at min cykel var væk. Jeg ved nu godt, at man aldrig lader ens cykel overnatte på Vojens Busstation. Det er en anden historie, og jeg har det fint nu. Mine eventyrer i påskeferien var en succes – uden cykelproblemer. Dem hører I om i min næste blog.