Jeg har været meget heldig i Danmark og har set meget, men før jeg besøgte Malene, jeg havde ikke set Aalborg. Jeg havde en meget hyggetligt tur, det hele på dansk, med masse af hygge.

I’ve spent ten months in Denmark now, and have changed a lot. For a good nine months of it, I hadn’t actually seen anyone that really knew me before exchange started. However, that changed when Malene, the previous Danish inbound for my home district, invited me over up to her place in Brønderslev for a weekend.

This meet up hadn’t happened before because while Vojens is very much in the Southern part of Denmark, Brønderslev is quite north. After a long train ride up, I arrived in Brønderslev late on a Friday night.

I learned pretty quick that Malene was actually willing to speak Danish with me. There are lots of former exchange students in Denmark who are very enthusiastic to speak English. However, Malene was kind, and began to speak in Danish with me from the beginning. She welcomed me into her house with her three friendly siblings and parents.

In the morning, Malene’s mother drove us down into Aalborg. I was really looking forward to this, as Aalborg is the only major Danish city that I hadn’t explored. Our adventure began with getting to see Aalborg from above from the Aalborg tower. The actual view was better than the pictures that I took, as it’s quite hard to capture good pictures with slanted glass.

We then wandered over to a place with musical trees. I didn’t know that musical trees existed, but it turns out that in Aalborg there is a little park with trees that have music boxes at the bottom. There were many good artists, but one that was necessary for Malene and I to take a picture of. This was also next to quite the positive graffiti.

Malene then took me up to Budolfi church, where I then found out why it was so well know. It was absolutely stunning. We then found a food sampling place, which none of us had any idea existed beforehand.

After wandering around a little more, we found each other at this adorable cafe. There was a piano hanging down from the ceiling, and the nachos that we ordered might have been the best I have seen in Denmark.

It was then to see more of Aalborg. When exploring, I didn’t really feel like I was in a big city so much. Aalborg has big buildings, a long bridge that can open, and the fourth largest population in Denmark, but I felt like less people lived there. We finished up our relaxing day seeing the bridge, a soccer event that we found, and eating strawberries in a park.

That night, we headed over to Løkken Strand, an adorable little beach town with Malene’s best friend. We went out on the dock and through the streets, and the sky was simply beautiful that night.

That night, after some technical complications, we ended up watching a film. We woke up well rested to a nice Mother’s Day.

I couldn’t spend Mother’s day with my actual mother, but I did enjoy going to Sæby with Malene, her mother, and all three siblings. Sæby is a town that is south of Skagen, but is hauntingly like it, without the intense overpricing. This would have been the typical beach town visit with a gigantic ice cream cone, but an intense downpour started. We found refuge under the the sides of houses, and tried to wait it out. We soon learned that this was not something we would be able to wait out, so in two different groups, so we made a run for it. After our adventure, we happily hopped in the car to drive home.

It was sad to say goodbye to Malene, but I was really happy have finally met up with her. It’s a crazy experience to finally meet up with someone that actually knew you before you exchange, and speak to them entirely in a different language than you did before.

Fra denne tidspunkt, jeg havde ikke så meget tid tilbage. Det er op sent, fordi jeg fik meget travlt før Eurotour. Men det er dejligt at kigge på det nu. Tusind tak til Malene og hendes sød familie, fordi de havde mig.