Nu er jeg tilbage i Minnesota, og selv om jeg er ikke glad om det, jeg tror at jeg vil klare det. I mellemtid skal jeg skrive om mit ophold, så værsgo venner –

Things got quite busy in my last month, and I was also quite emotional. However, I’ll do my best to sum up what I did in one post.

I went on Eurotour, and though I will primarily be writing about that in my newspaper column, I have a great video that my friend Emma from California made. We went to seven different countries – Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I do believe that there were around forty-seven of us exchange students from Midtjylland and Sønderjylland on one bus. We were amazed by Vienna’s atmosphere, taken aback by the concentration camp in Terezín, amazed by the food in Italy, adventurous and roaming the streets and metro of Paris, and I was personally very happy to have my birthday in Amsterdam with my best friend. However, it is much better summed up in this video, so many thanks to Emma.


I’ll try to sum up about most everything that went on in the last month here –




My friend Kaitlyn decided to spontaneously visit me from Viborg! Thankfully, I didn’t have anything going on besides my Rotary presentation, and we were able to catch up. Kaitlyn met me last year at the CSRYE convention in Grand Rapids, and we both were amazed by our changes and stories. Kaitlyn might be one of the sweetest people I know, and I hope that our paths can cross again.

I gave my Rotary presentation to my club in Denmark, which went really well! It’s hard to sum up a year, but they were really happy to listen, and my Danish was significantly better than my first week presentation for them.

I visited my dear friends up in Ringkøbing – don’t ask me how two of my best exchange friends live up there – for several days. Well, I visited Tom, Jared, and Tom’s beautiful host kitties. I also got to meet Signe, the girl who will be living with my District Outbound Coordinator for four months next year in Minnesota. It was really hard to say goodbye to these guys, and I can’t wait to see them again.




Right after that, I had to hurry up and make some chocolate chip cookies for my class’s sommerfest. We grilled, went swimming in a cold lake, made snobrød (bread made over a campfire), and had lots of hygge. I unfortunately had to say goodbye to the majority of them there, and that was really hard.

Not long after, graduation week began. This was particularly exciting for me, as I have three host siblings that were in the third year. They all did quite well on their exams, and and had very nice parties. It was pretty great seeing what they experienced in their celebration week, and I was happy to spend more time with them and to get to know Simon’s incredibly sweet class when they visited us.

Tillykke til Simon, Sara, og Iben – I klarede det godt, og jeg er mega stolt af dig. Jeg har meget grund for at være en stolt udvekslingsstudent søster.




I also got the chance to go to Kløften, the local music festival in Haderslev. I got to spend my last time with some of my dear exchange student friends who I had to leave soon. We saw Nik og Jay, Djämes Braun, Carpark North, and the best and last, Rasmus Seebach.

That week, I also got to visit the beautiful island of Årø with Sarah H (Canada), Aneki (Finland), and Laurel (California). Honestly when I suggested that we go there, I had no idea what to expect, I just knew that it was nearby and that we hadn’t visited it. We went to a beautiful cafe, had skildpadder and cheese and crackers on a park bench, and took lots of great pictures.




The next week, my German friend Leo (my English teacher’s son) came up to visit me. I got the brilliant idea to meet up with my German friend Fabian in Aabenraa, which was nice, but they did get into a very intense discussion in German. The next day I took him to Koldinghus (a castle), and I had one last coffee session with my dear Sarah. I ended up saying farewell to her in Meny, our special spot, where I crying after.

As far as the rest, I did go down and visit Germany, but my visit was cut short when I came down with a bad fever. I got to experience the German health system, and picked up the essentials (Haribo + Ritter Sport) before heading back to beat my fever.

I had my farewell dinner with all of my host families on Monday, organized by Bodil. I was feeling mostly better, and it was all very hyggeligt, though sad to say goodbye.

On Tuesday, I headed to København to visit Siri one last time during my exchange. We went on a boat tour, saw Tivoli, ate at PapirØen two times (Moroccan, Italian, and Mexican), and walked a decent amount round København. I couldn’t have ended my exchange better.

I ate dinner with the Jørgensens on Wednesday night, strangely calm for the next day. However, that is a story for another blog, as well as how it’s been being back. I’ll write about that later.

Har det godt danske venner, jeg savner jer virkelig meget. I gav mig en fatastisk sidste måned, og jeg glæder mig, til når vi har mere måneder.